Arizona's Hidden Secret: The Fountain of Fountain Hills

Fountain Hills, in the U.S. state of Arizona, is the home to the second largest fountain in the world. With a sparse population and widely-spaced homes, the city of Fountain Hills offer a more rural setting compared to the adjacent city of Scottsdale. Bearing no name of its own, the water feature of Fountain Hills was installed in 1971. It was designed and built by Robert P. McCulloch who was also responsible for building other projects such as the reconstruction of London Bridge in Arizona's Lake Havasu City.

fountain hills

The large outdoor garden fountain of Fountain Hills was part of the revitalization project that started in 1960. The project was aimed at making the flat desert space of rural Arizona more desirable to families and other potential residents. The fountain is made up of a beautifully sculpted and massive water lily which appears like it's nestled on the surface of a lake. The lily is built using blue-gray limestone that was imported from Italy. The body of water where the lily floats is a 28-acre man-made lake that is located in the heart of downtown Fountain Hills. The final structure of the fountain came after several revisions were made.

Both the locals and the visitors enjoy the lush fields of grass that surround the lake which provide the perfect setting for an afternoon lunch, an evening escape or a ball game on a Saturday morning. People from around the world also love visiting the park and attending the several festivals that occur throughout the year.

There are many images of Fountain Hills' water feature which can be found on any of the city's governmental documents, souvenirs and keepsakes that are sold at local shops. The fountain is a testament to American innovation and pioneering spirit. Together with the surrounding areas, it was built literally from nothing and yet it became one of the hottest tourist and living destinations of the American southwest.

With ideal weather conditions, the fountain would spew water in the air by up to 562 feet at least once in every hour. This is three times higher compared to the Old Faithful Geyser in Yellowstone National Park. Likewise, it is also taller than the Washington Monument by up to 10 times. It is considered as the most powerful fountain in the world because of the three 600-horsepower pumps that are used to power it. It is also visible from several miles away and continues to be the cultural and historic symbol of Fountain Hills. Today, the fountain of Fountain Hills is a landmark and is known internationally as one of the largest fountains in the world.